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The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Relations between Oral and Written Cultures is pleased to announce a call for papers for 2021/22 issue of the “Quaestiones Oralitatis”.

Submissions are encouraged from scholars in various fields (Classics, Literature, Linguistics and Languages, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Theology, Performing Arts, Religion) that use different approaches to understand the nature of the relations between various aspects of oral and written cultures.

While not exhaustive, the following list suggests possible issues that would be appropriate to address in this issue:

• What are kinds of utterances in oral tradition? How does the performance affect their content?
• How does an oral performer attract the attention of his/her audience?
• How does the audience join the performance? What is the listeners’ influence on the content of the tale?
• What is the role of gestures, music, objects functioning as attributes of the performance?
• Which features of style should we regard as signs of purely oral tradition and which ones as marking the transition to the written one?
• How does the narrative change in view of the possibility of using writing?
• What are various forms of transition from the oral into the written?
• How does the narrative change when the other forms of transmission are involved: theatre, film etc.?

Deadline for Submission: July 15, 2022

Submission Process:
The manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail:

The submission of manuscripts is free of fee payment.

All submissions will go through the QO regular double-blind review process and follow the standard norms and processes.

For more information about this call for papers, please contact the Editorial Board (