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What is eduroam?

Eduroam is the secure service which allows students, staff and researchers from participating institutions get access to the WiFi network. Eduroam allows users to use their own credentials (login and password) from their home institution in every place where this network is accessible.

You can find more information on the webpage

How can I get access to eduroam at the University of Wroclaw?

If you are our student or a member of university staff, you have an account (login and password) in the Office 365 system, which can be used to login to the eduroam network as well. All you need is just a little configuration on your network device (computer, mobile, tablet etc.)

Many times I’ve been using the WiFi network and it’s been damn easy. Why now does it sound so complicated (accounts, configuration, supplicants, certificates)?

Contrary to many other WiFi networks, where password is shared among many users or its lifetime and range are limited, getting access to eduroam you have to type your own login and your secret password. That’s why you have to be sure that your credentials are kept secure even when you are visiting other institution (university). In eduroam your credentials are never shared or locally checked but are forwarded to your home institution and only there they can be verified and validated.

I’m a guest at the University of Wroclaw, I was using eduroam at my home university, do I have to reconfigure my computer or my phone to get access here?

No. You don’t.

Even if you have access to our services (ex. Office 365), but you still have account at your home institution, you should use that account and configuration and you don’t need to change anything.

How can I configure my computer to connect to eduroam?

Most of the new OS (Operating System) like Windows 8.1 (and newer), Androids and Apple OS X, have all the features which are needed to connect to eduroam. Some of them require quite mysterious configuration (Android, see instruction below the text),  others working at default (Windows 10), but for the security reasons it’s advisable to download the Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) from the webpage To do it, click the link „Download your eduroam installer”, then choose „University of Wroclaw” from the list.

What is my login?

Your eduroam login is simply your email address in the Office 365 account. It consists of two parts: your student number (index_numer) plus (our university domain name). For example:

Bear in mind, that you have to type a full account name with the proper domain name.

What is my password?

I hope that you’ve already read the answer to the previous question. If you are using (successfully) your university e-mail (student, you should use the same credentials in eduroam. The default password to that system was sent to your private e-mail account, which you gave us enrolling to our university. If you lost that e-mail or don’t remember you password to office 365 email account you can change it on the webpage:

After feeling up a short reset password form you will find an e-mail with the reset code in that private email box.

Be aware that the USOSWeb account, although looks similar, is different from Office 365, and shouldn’t be used in the eduroam network.

It is advisable to login in office 365 ( before using eduroam, to make sure that your password is correct and your account is fully functional.

The default password, which was sent to your private e-mail account can and should be changed. It’s quite complicated so it’s better to use a method “copy” and “paste” instead of rewriting it. A new password must fulfill password requirement policy, so it must:

  • Be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length
  • Be memorized; if a password is written down it must be secure
  • Contain at least one (1) character from three (3) of the following categories:
    • Uppercase letter (A-Z)
    • Lowercase letter (a-z)
    • Digit (0-9)
    • Special character (~`!@#$%^&*()+=_-{}[]\|:;”’?/<>,.)
  • Be private
  • Not contain your name or surname

Where can I find more information?

On the webpage  are more detail instructions. You can also write and email to

Nothing works. I’m desperate…

If all else fails, we will try to help. You can visit you office with your device (computer, phone, tablet). Our address:

Centrum Usług Informatycznych (Computer Services Centre),

Pl. Maxa Borna 9, Room number 450,

Mon – Fri,  from 9 am to 2 pm