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Michał Cebrat is a son of our employee. He was born with optic nerve hypoplasy of both eyes, strabismus and nystagmus. As a result, he is a virtually blind child (with a certain sense of light and the ability to  perceive large, contrasting objects situated close to the eyes). He requires constant supervision and rehabilitation.

Currently, Michał is 6 years old and attends the reception class in DSOSW for Legally Blind and Visually Impaired in Wrocław. He is also musically gifted and is learning to play the piano.

The collected funds will be used to finance hardware and computer software supporting Braille learning.

KRS 0000037904, specific objective 1% 31904 Cebrat Michał

Michał is a protege of Foundation for Children Help on Time.

Link to the fundraiser:

Michał Cebrat

Aleksandra Zaprzaluk is a wife of our employee.

She is in a coma. Her condition is improving, but the rehabilitation is very costly.

The family knows that Aleksandra can hear and understand them (she had a functional MRI).

She has a daughter who needs her and is waiting for her.

She is a psychologist – she graduated from the University of Wrocław. She wore a heart on her sleeve and was always there for others. Now she needs the help of others.

Aleksandra is a protege of „Światło” Foundation.

KRS: 0000183283

Goal: for Aleksandra Zaprzaluk

Link to the fundraiser:

Aleksandra Zaprzaluk

Konrad Pawlak is our PhD student.

Since the age of eight, he has been a person with a disability due to arteriovenous malformations. He has suffered from two strokes and also endured three neurosurgical head operations. He has undergone long hospital treatment and suffered from many disease-related complications. He has right-sided hemiparesis and his condition requires systematic rehabilitation, surgeries and treatment.

Konrad is a protege of Avalon Foundation.

KRS: 0000270809

Specific objective: Pawlak, 5108

Konrad Pawlak

Marcin Kaczyński is a son of our employee and in the past has studied Geography at our university. In 2016 he was in a car accident that left him a quadriplegic.

For daily functioning, Marcin requires, among others, rehabilitation and nursing care which are costly but they bring positive results. Thanks to hard work with speech therapist, after loosing his speech for more than two years, Marcin learned to speak again!

Marcin studied Tourism Geography as tourism was one of his passions. Thanks to rehabilitation, he keeps himself in good physical and mental condition, so that he can, at least, travel around Wrocław, which he has always liked very much.

However, he would not have been able to do without the financial support of many good people.

Marcin is a protege of Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia.

KRS 0000050135

Specific objective indicating: „GEOGRAF”

More information about Marcin can be found on the Facebook group „Pomagamy Marcinowi”:

Account number and sub-account password: 45 1240 1994 1111 0000 2495 6839, enter GEOGRAF in the transfer title

Marcin Kaczynski

Michał Iwański is a second-year student of stationary Law Studies.

He is legally blind, yet he tries to lead his life not allowing for his disability to be an obstacle in achieving the goals he has set before himself. Thanks to the 1% donations, Michał can obtain the necessary specialized Braille equipment. The donation also enable him to access rehabilitation.

Michał is a protege of Foundation for Children „Help on Time”

KRS 0000037904

Specific objective 1%

enter: 25255 Iwański Michał

Link to the fundraiser:

Marcin Iwański

Natalia Liżyńska is a daughter of our employee. She is fourteen years old. She was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Since she was born, she has been fighting for independence. She remains under the constant care of many specialist. She underwent 11 surgeries: orthopedic, neurosurgical and neuro-orthopedic -intraperitoneal valve replacement, spinal cord de-anchorage, foot and knee surgery.

Natalia receives help from doctors from Poland and Germany. She requires constant medical check-ups and daily rehabilitation. All this just to make her dreams of walking even a few steps come true.

However, Natalia’s treatment, numerous continuous medical check-ups as well as intensive, daily rehabilitation and orthopedic supplies are very expensive.

Natalia is a protege of Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia

KRS 0000050135

Note on the settlement: Jaskółeczka


Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia, 54-154 Wrocław ul. Lotnicza 37

Bank PKO SA I Oddział we Wrocławiu

Nr 45 1240 1994 1111 0000 2495 6839

with the necessary annotation: dla Natalia Liżyńska

Natalia Liżynska

Roman Jasiak is a brother of our student.

He has been suffering from Cornelia de Lange syndrome since he was born. He is currently 32 years old.

He suffers from many ailments ranging from a deep degree of intellectual dysfunctions to acid reflux disease.

He manifests a lot of difficult auto-aggressive and aggressive behaviours, which are caused mainly by severe pain.

Roman does not speak and has not been able to see for four years.

He requires systematic and very attentive round-the-clock care, combined with constant rehabilitation.

Roman is a protege of Stowarzyszenie Serce .

KRS: 0000104379

Specific objective: Roman Jasiak

Link to the fundraiser:

Roman Jasiak

Wiktor Banachowicz is a son of our student.

He was developing properly until the age of 18 months. Unexpectedly, there was a significant regression in his functioning – he fell silent, his speech stopped developing, he was not interested in playing with other children, he did not maintain eye contact, he did not respond to his name, he developed autoagressive behaviour and food selectivity.

Wiktor suffers from infantile autism. As a result of multi-profile therapy he significantly improved his daily functioning, including the ability to communicate via hand gestures and simple phrases. The only lack of progress is in the matter of his social development.

Wiktor is a protege Serce dla Maluszka Foundation

KRS 0000387207

Specific objective: 1488 Viktor Banachowicz

Link to a fundraiser:

Wiktor Banachowicz

Maksymilian Pawlak is a son of our employee. He was born with congenital heart defect – aortic stenosis, which was diagnosed prenatally. The disease is progressing. In the future, Maksymilian will have to undergo a complicated heart surgery. Perhaps not one, but several.

He is under the care of Polish and foreign treatment facilities. The collected funds are allocated to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections that could lead to endocarditis.

Due to the gradual progression of the disease, his parents are looking for the best method of treatment so that in the future Maksymilian can enjoy a life devoid of constant visits to hospitals and subsequent numerous re-operations. One of the ways is to undergo an operation abroad in leading heart defects treatment facility, the cost of which is extremely high.

Maksymilian is a protege of Serce Dziecka Foundation.

KRS 0000266644

Specific objective: ZC 8314 Maksymilian Pawlak

Link to the fundraiser:

Maksymilian Pawlak

Victoria Kieniewicz suffers from childhood autism.

The collected funds are used by her parents to pay off treatment, rehabilitation, medical equipment, medicines and other special needs.

Victoria is a protege of Foundation for Children „Help on Time”

KRS 0000037904

Specific objective: 15597 Kieniewicz Victoria

Link to the fundraiser:

Kieniewicz Victoria

“Jagoda” Foundation of Jagoda Pachota

The “Jagoda” Foundation, established in 2009, helps people suffering from burns and complication following burn disease. This Foundation reimburses treatment and rehabilitation, including medicines and pressure clothes. Anyone who suffered a burn can ask for help. The Foundation also helps the ones who want to operate on their burn scars after many years.

At the same time, the Foundation conducts campaigns promoting first aid training for burns intended not only for adults but also for children. Moreover, this Foundation raises awareness about the consequences of burns, how to deal with them and where to find the right help. They cooperate witht the most dynamic Polish burn treatment centers.

KRS: 0000342831

Link to the foundation’s website:

Fundacja Jagoda

Kinga Warecka and Krzysztof Warecki are siblings of our student.

They both suffer from type 1 diabetes, also known as insulin dependent diabetes. Pharmacotherapy used for treatment of patients is based on the regular dosing of insulin, which enables the proper absorption of glucose by the cells. Krzysztof also suffers from bronchial asthma.

They both deal with their diseases very bravely. Their parents try their best to help them in leading a normal life with diabetes. However, the purchase of new and precise equipment involves costs that are not always reimbursed.

Kinga i Krzysztof are proteges of Foundation for Children „Help on Time”

Krzysztof Warecki

KRS 0000037904

Specific objective: 36903 Warecki Krzysztof

Link to the fundraiser:–nammLDheq4BBo_yPC08egEkh3PpiR6s

Kinga Warecka

KRS 0000037904

Specific target: 36902 Warecka Kinga

Link to the fundraiser:

Kinga i Krzyś Wareccy

Gaja Staroń is our student.

She was born without both upper limbs and one lower limb. -“- I am swiftly riding in a wheelchair and I am successful at working and studying but there is still a long way to go before achieving complete independence and self-sufficiency,” says Gaja.

Gaja is a protege of Polsat Foundation.

KRS 0000 135 921

Specific objective: STAROŃ GAJA 2821

Link to the fundraiser:


Mikołaj Cierniak is a brother of our PhD student.

In 2007, he underwent a complicated surgery to remove a cerebellar tumor. Since then, Mikołaj has had spastic quadriparesis. He requires constant, intensive rehabilitation treatment, logotherapy and the care of a neuropsychologist.

Mikołaj systematically participates in rehabilitation camps and individual rehabilitations at his place of residence. All these efforts are bringing the intended results but their continuation is essential.

Mikołaj wants to be independent and self-reliant.

Mikołaj is a protege of Votum Foundation

KRS: 0000272272

with a note: for Mikołaj Cierniak

Link to the fundraiser:

Mikołaj Cierniak

Zuzanna Rzepka is a niece of our employee.

In May 2020, she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor – disseminated sarcoma

There is still a long treatment and rehabilitation ahead of her

KRS: 0000 165702

Specific objective: Rzepka Zuzanna

Zuzanna Rzepka

Dominika Moriak is our student.

In September 2017 she fell ill with leukemia, a malignant cancer of the blood. In May 2020, she won the fight against cancer. She is now healthy, but during chemotherapy she experienced complications which caused her to struggle with a knee-related disability. She has had 6 knee surgeries and has been undergoing intensive rehabilitation for 3 years. The collected money will be used for further treatment and rehabilitation.

Dominika Morika is a protege of Avalon Foundation

KRS 0000270809

Specific objective: MORIAK, 11445

Dominika Moriak

Joanna Zakolska was a lecturer of constitutional law at our University.

In July 2008, while trekking in the Himalayas she suffered a severe stroke with malignant swelling of the brain due to altitude sickness. Only by a miracle, she survived a major brain surgery after which she was in a coma for almost 3 months. Unfortunately, the stroke has left a deep mark and Joanna is paralyzed. She still needs help and twenty-four-hour assistance in her day-to-day life, as well as a costly, long-term, daily rehabilitation to help her recover.

KRS 0000037904

specific objective: 6120 Joanna Zakolska

Link to the fundraiser:

Joanna Zakolska