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International Seminar from the series „Methodology of researching social systems”

Department of Sociology of Dispositional Groups invites to 18th International Seminar from the series „Methodology of researching social systems”. The seminar will take place on May 21, 2020 at 10:00.

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, dictates the dynamics of social life around the world. At this exceptional moment, the need for a scientific understanding of the mechanisms of changes occurring rapidly in all areas of life, in addition to predicting their future consequences, seems extremely “urgent”. We would like to pay particular attention to social processes in the face of threats which for many years have been part of the scientific interest of the sociology of dispositional groups at the Department of Sociology of Dispositional Groups of the University of Wroclaw and at the Sociological Section of National Security Issues of the Polish Sociological Society.

The epidemic threat has redefined individuals’ attitudes and the hierarchy of social concerns and fears. As a result, the dispositional groups set up to ensure that security performs particular activities today. On the one hand, the unprecedented spread rate and global reach of the virus suggest the need to apply new tactics, linked, for example, to greater public scrutiny. On the other hand, the closure of borders or the presence of the army on the streets are part of the long-developed classic tactics related to the traditional understanding of security. Another interesting aspect is the growing importance of the state’s civil security system, in particular of the entities responsible for ensuring an adequate level of health for local communities.

The annual May conference dedicated to the sociology of dispositional groupshas been postponed to the autumn or winter period. However, in order to satisfy the tradition of our scientific meetings, we have decided to organize a methodological seminar online, with a large participation of potential participants. We invite you to send a video, audio, presentation or short text on the seminar topic. The materials will be placed on a virtual platform and made available for discussion.

The seminar will be held virtually in asynchronous form (the link to the platform will be provided to participants). Participation in the seminar is free but requires registration and is confirmed by a certificate: e-mail: The registration deadline is May 17, 2020.

Organizer: Department of Sociology of Dispositional Groups IS UWr, Section of Sociological Problems of National Security PTS, Academic Scientific Circle „Security&Society” IS UWr. Co-organizer: Polish Sociological Association – Wrocław Branch.

Organizing committee: dr Piotr Pieńkowski, dr Małgorzata Stochmal, dr Aneta Uss-Lik, mgr Sławomir Fiodorów, Nikola Lalek.


Published by: Małgorzata Jurkiewicz

6 May 2020

last modification: 2 Jun 2020