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“Your post has attracted greater interest than 95% of other University of Wroclaw posts”. What attracted so much attention? Voting for the name of a new typeface, which was designed exclusively for the University of Wrocław by one of Poland’s most renowned typographers, Marian Misiak! Today we would like to officially announce that the winner of the voting for the name of the font is UNIWROCLAVICA, which received over a thousand votes on the University of Wroclaw’s Facebook fanpage!

Leopoldina was second on the podium (562 votes), Universalica – third (350 votes).


font uwr glosowanie na fb

Why the University has its own typeface?

Primarily, the production and dissemination of knowledge is extremely vital for our institution, we attach the greatest attention to it, we want to convey knowledge in a unique way – that is why we created the font. Furthermore, we want to stand out as a modern university, which relies on great visual solutions in communication – we seem to be a step ahead of other universities! For us, the process of creating and imminently implementing the new typeface is an act of celebrating the creation of knowledge. In addition, the dedicated typeface will support and differentiate the promotional materials of our Institution. It will unify materials and communication within the institution. The font is a result of a particular time of change at the University. It stems from the need to create a multi-channel and multi-faceted communication system.

Typeface characteristics

The characteristics and design of the letters have been adapted to digital communication. Thus, the typeface contains properties that improve the readability on screen. To stress the diversity of disciplines, shares and to associate the typeface with Wrocław, it has 10 alternatives of the letter W. The number of ten versions refers to the number of faculties at our University (Urbanity. A University firmly rooted in the urban fabric).

Soon, an interview with Marian Misiak, the creator of the Wrocław University typeface, shall be published on the pages of the Przegląd Uniwersytecki! Stay tuned via our social media and the University’s homepage.

Our sincerest gratitude to all of you who took part in the voting for the font’s name!

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

14 Jun 2021

last modification: 14 Jun 2021