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17th Polish sociological congress. See the photo coverage

The staff of the Institute of Sociology of the University of Wrocław organised the 17th Polish Sociological Congress under the slogan Me. We. They? Subjectivity, Identity, Belonging. A similar event takes place every 3 years and is the most important meeting of the members of the Polish Sociological Association.

The Congress was attended by over one thousand researchers from Poland and abroad, including the presidents of global sociological associations – Professor Sari Hanafi (ISA), Professor Marta Soler Gallart (ESA), Professor Christine Williams (ASA) – and the sociologists from the neighbouring countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. At twelve symposia and in over ninety thematic groups the sociologists addressed key modern social problems which we all face. They also discussed what role sociology and sociologists are playing here and now.

The research community noticed that most pressing social issues – such as the negative effects of migration, climate change, social injustice – are not being solved, and the political mechanisms block rather than support the coping processes. It exacerbates the sense of helplessness and irrational reactions that can be observed at individual and collective level. Instead of constructive action, the existence of the problem is denied, the populist ideologies become more attractive, many people turn to unscientific resources, egoistic attitudes towards one’s security get spread around, many problems are defined on a private scale and so the solutions are proposed only at this limited level.

The Congress was a great celebration for the Wrocław sociological community. The previous Wrocław Congress took place in 1986, when the local sociology had no institutional base. The present Congress, organised with significant financial, material, and organisational support from the Wrocław City Hall and the Culture Zone Wrocław, noticeably strengthened and unified another generation of the Wrocław sociologists.

Those who did not make it to the Congress but are interested in the in-depth understanding of the world can see the recordings of the selected discussions online.

All the details, including the full programme and photo coverage of the event can be found at the official website of the 17th Polish Sociological Congress in Wrocław and on Facebook.

Published by: Michał Raińczuk

24 Sep 2019

last modification: 24 Sep 2019