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3. place in Wroclaw for us! (300 Best Polish Employers)

In the ranking of 300 Best Polish Employers – Poland’s Best Employers 2021 published at the end of March 2021 in the Polish edition of the magazine “Forbes” the University of Wroclaw was ranked third in Wroclaw.

Among the most wanted employers in Wroclaw, the University was only beaten by Deichmann and AmRest. Among universities, the University was ranked first in the region and sixth in Poland. University of Wroclaw the third best employer in Wroclaw? The survey, prepared for the Polish edition of “Forbes” by Statista, a company that creates similar lists worldwide, included both employees and potential employees of Polish companies. Such a high position of the university may surprise many people…

– Of course we are happy – says the rector of the University of Wroclaw, professor Przemyslaw Wiszewski – although I would prefer to be the first university in Poland, when it comes to the satisfaction of employees and trust of those, who would like to work for us. What is pleasing is that we are on the third place after two very commercial companies. This shows that we really have great potential.

What did the authors of the ranking take into account? Apart from the issue of salaries, also, among others, stability of employment, chances of professional development or the image and prestige of the employer.

Prof. Przemysław Wiszewski admits that the University of Wrocław, as an employer, still has a lot to do – since the beginning of his mandate, the university authorities have been holding talks with trade unions on the payroll regulations. The talks are difficult, but constructive.

– This is also a result of the policy that we have been following since the beginning of our presidency: we are transparent towards our employees and ready to talk with trade unions, among others. We always sit at the table, we sit and we talk in order to find a solution that will allow us to meet somewhere in the middle.- emphasises the rector of UWr.

Almost 3600 people work at the University of Wrocław. This is a large group, whose needs and expectations are very diverse.Many of the employees are young parents, for whom balancing professional career and childcare is a particular priority, which is especially visible now, at the time of pandemics and new lockdowns.

– We are also trying to develop such activities which will support our employees,” says Professor Wiszewski, “We pay particular attention to the situation of parents. We talk and ask them what their needs are, at the same time influencing their superiors to do everything to make it easier for the young mum or dad to function at work. I feel that this can also affect the perception of the employer.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

1 Apr 2021

last modification: 1 Apr 2021