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5th edition of Legia Akademicka

The 5th edition of the “Legia Akademicka” programme has been launched. The University of Wrocław will take part in it. Thus, we create an opportunity for you – students of the University – to obtain the rank of a reserve corporal. What for? It may be useful if you want to work in uniformed services in the future, or if you want to tie your career specifically to the military.

It has been decided that civilian universities will also join the next edition of the Legia Akademicka project. What is it about? The project offers students with a passion for the military the opportunity to complete military training. After this and taking the military oath, you will receive the rank of reserve corporal.

Just like last year, alongside the basic and non-commissioned officer modules, an officer module was launched. It is a novelty in the project and is addressed to graduates of universities because according to the current legislation, a person with a master’s degree can become an officer. To be able to participate in this module it is necessary to pass basic and non-commissioned officer modules in the theoretical and practical part.

Anyone interested in taking part in the basic and non-commissioned officer modules should complete an online application for voluntary training [available below].

The completed, printed and signed application form should be submitted to the Secretariat of the Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, ul. Koszarowa 3, room 209, no later than 20 December 2021, tel. no.: 71/375 51 37, 71/375 51 36. In the current edition, only 100 participants in each module will be recruited. Promotional meetings about Legia Akademicka will be organised in the near future. Then you will also be able to apply for voluntary military training.

For more information on participation in the Legia Akademicka project, please contact the university project coordinator Prof. Piotr Krzysztof Marszałek, chairman of the Council of the Academic Discipline of Security Sciences, e-mail address:

Translated by Aleksandra Wojciechowska (student of English Studies at the University of Wrocław) as part of the translation practice.

Published by: Maria Kozan

17 Nov 2021

last modification: 29 Nov 2021