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A new season of admissions to the University of Wrocław confirmed

The University of Wrocław encourages people to sign up with a movie-style teaser trailer – no other Polish university has used this type of promotion before.

A young woman wakes up on the Wrocław Market Square – there’s no one around. The usually buzzing Grunwald Square is empty, and so are the classrooms and laboratories. It’s as if everyone’s disappeared into thin air. Only a window in the University Library shines with a computer’s light. A monitor starts displaying messages to the lost woman…

This is a description of the new promotional video for the University of Wrocław, and it’s no coincidence that it resembles a post-apocalyptic production.

“We wanted to create something original, but at the same time universal. The teaser-style announcement of ‘the new season’ of admissions seemed perfect for getting our future students interested in the university, because they love watching TV series. And even though we don’t always admit it, we do too,” said Wiktor Pietrzak, Head of the Promotion Department of the University of Wrocław.

The script was conceived with one idea in mind, to show what the city would look like without students. Turns out it would be empty, sad and disturbing, in a Hollywood thriller kind of way.

“Our teaser trailer for a fictional film also reflects the experiences of first-year students who are just beginning their studies and entering maturity,” said Michał Raińczuk, also from the University of Wrocław Promotion Department. “Many of them feel uncertain, lonely, separated from the well‑known and safe reality. We want to convince them that this feeling is only temporary. They can expect new friendships and challenges ahead of them.”

The director of the clip was Przemysław Chojnacki, and Angelika Marcioch, a second-year psychology student at the university, played the leading role. She is also one of the faces of the university’s new recruitment campaign, in which, for example, she appears on comicbook-style billboards.

You can see the video on the University of Wrocław’s official YouTube channel. It’s also showing at the Wrocław Main Train Station and in one of the city’s shopping centres, and will soon be shown before screenings in cinemas across the country – just as a trailer should be!

Published by: Aleksandra Draus

5 Aug 2019

last modification: 5 Aug 2019