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A. Rojszczak Award in 2022 presented to outstanding young scientists

For the sixteenth time the Club of the Foundation for Polish Science Scholars and the Foundation announces the competition for the Artur Rojszczak Award, our tragically deceased colleague, an outstanding philosopher, one of the founders and main animators of the Club. There are many prize schemes awarded for outstanding academic achievements. However, in the times of the pursuit of success measured by the commercial effectiveness of applications or by the position in the citation index on the market of scientific literature, certain values fundamental to the world of science escape the attention of sponsors and are not often rewarded.

The Artur Rojszczak Award has the particular task of promoting a humanist attitude, breadth of horizons and the ability to transcend the confines of narrow scientific specialisation – values embodied by our colleague.

The intentions that guided us in establishing the Prize were brilliantly read by Professor Maciej Grabski, long-standing President of the Polish Academy of Sciences and an honorary member of the Assciation: Strictly speaking, this is not an award for scientific achievements, as – according to the Rules – the laureate must not only conduct reliable scientific, didactic and social activity, but should also be able to go beyond the borders of his or her specialisation. Even a very eminent scientist, but with his or her nose buried in his or her notebooks, should not set an example. The point is not to promote “scientific correctness”, but to promote active attitudes, to distinguish people around whom something is going on, who are able to take their scientific passion beyond their own desk or laboratory table, and thus who do not narrow their field of vision with the “horse’s eyes” of their own discipline. (…) In our science, haunted by local fundamentalisms and a total inability to engage in a general scientific discussion, as well as a lack of self-reflection, such attitudes are sorely lacking.

We would like the Artur Rojszczak Award to promote the Foundation for Polish Science and its achievements. Since each of us has been honoured to receive a FNP scholarship, we want a part of what we have received to support this unique institution operating in Poland.

The Artur Rojszczak Award is an individual cash prize (PLN 5000) granted to young doctoral students who defended their doctoral thesis within the last five years from submitting the application. Candidates for the Prize may be proposed by members of the Club on the basis of their own information and information provided to them by the scientific community. The deadline for submission of applications by Club members is 31 January 2022.

Regulations of the Award, information about Club members who can be contacted about proposed candidates and information about previous winners of the Award are available on the Club’s website:

Krzysztof Jóźwiak – Guardian of the Award
Medical University of Lublin, e-mail:

Published by: Maria Kozan

23 Dec 2021

last modification: 23 Dec 2021