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Research University

The University of Wrocław is among 10 best Polish universities. It is the only university in south-western Poland that has been qualified for the programme: Initiative of Excellence – Research University. As the name of the programme indicates, so far it is an initiative which is to turn leading Polish universities into research institutions over the next six years. They will be comparable to the counterparts from Western Europe, the United States and Asia.

In October 2019, an international team of experts from the competition decided that the University of Wrocław and nine other universities in the years 2020-2026 will receive a subsidy from the state budget increased by 10% to finance the changes proposed in the project. Each university was evaluated by experts. Among them there were former Rectors, Presidents, Vice-Rectors of leading European universities, including the Universities of Göttingen, Amsterdam, Manchester and Southampton. The evaluation team also included eminent researchers who are highly respected in the international scientific community.

The experts approved the development programme of the University of Wrocław with the aim of obtaining the status of a Research University.

What additional money will be spent on? (Read HERE) In short, these are the goals:

  • building a strong international scientific position of the University of Wrocław – research teams recognisable in the world (with a significant participation of young researchers); increasing the impact of the university’s scientific activity on the development of world science; common research projects and educational initiatives, strategic partnerships with the best European universities; establishing research cooperation with other renowned world scientific institutions
  • improving the quality of education of students and PhD students, especially within the Priority Research Areas. Personalised, research-related education of an international character, integrating students and PhD students into research teams, expanding the participation of subjects in English in programmes of studies, supporting agreements enabling studies abroad;
  • close, real and research-oriented cooperation with the social environment, especially the international area. Common projects with external companies and non-governmental organisations. But also to change study programmes in such a way as to meet the needs of companies. Training of high-class specialists at international level. The University of Wrocław assumes supported shaping of rational attitudes, openness of society and mediation in cultural exchange.
  • change in the quality of university management, improving the organisation of the administration of the University of Wrocław

We believe that in 2026 the University will be a better university for all: research staff, PhD students, students and administrative staff. Our aim is to support all those who want to build innovation, creativity and openness in our community. Our University has a chance to become a key participant in social, cultural and economic change, involving the environment in regional, national and European dimensions.

Below we explain to students, employees but also people observing the University of Wrocław from outside – how the Research University project works. What the funds are used for – including specific tasks resolved through competitions – some of them last all the time, whereas others are announced periodically.

We particularly recommend the section – What we want to achieve (LINK). It is a collection of over 45 elements, which will change over the next 5 years at the University of Wrocław. From financial issues (salary supplements at the level of PLN 3500 for 12 months and prizes, trips to the largest research centres and a multi-million dollar fund for research equipment)

Each of the universities taking part in the project called Initiative of Excellence had to indicate those areas which they would try to develop particularly strongly – the so-called Priority Research Areas. We listed them HERE

Who gives opinions on their release, who decides on grants. We care very much about transparency – HERE you will find profiles of people managing the Research University Project and teams appointed to implement individual competitions. How you can apply for funds for your own preliminary research – you will find it HERE.

If the following information is incomplete, it is recommended to ask by e-mail: or by telephone no. 71/ 37 52 866.

Competitions and grants step by step
Management and service