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Applications for scholarships? From 6 September!

Students who wish to apply for benefits in the academic year 2022/2023 are required to register electronically – from 06 September 2022 – applications for the following scholarships via

– Rector’s scholarship applications,

– scholarship applications for persons with disabilities

– applications for social scholarships (scholarships are granted for the winter semester!).

Once registered, the printed application together with a set of documents should be submitted to the appropriate dean’s office by 05 October 2022.

In the case of applying for a scholarship for students with disabilities – before registering the application, students are required to submit to the material aid section of the dean’s office a certificate confirming the degree of disability (this does not apply to students who, in the academic year 2021/2022 – have submitted a relevant certificate and it is valid until at least October 2022).

If an application for a maintenance grant or scholarship for students with disabilities is submitted after 05 October 2022, the grant will be awarded from the next month following the date of submission of the application or delivery of the missing documents!).

If students meet the above deadlines – social scholarships and scholarships for persons with disabilities are planned to be paid at the end of October this year, while Rector’s scholarships are planned to be paid at the end of November this year with compensation for October.

In addition:

The maximum monthly net income per person in a student’s family for 2021 entitling them to apply for a maintenance grant is PLN 1,050.00.

More information about scholarships at the University of Wrocław.

Published by: Ewelina Kośmider

26 Jul 2022

last modification: 29 Jul 2022