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Arctic Filed Geology – lecture

The Arctic is one of the most fascinating areas on Earth. For centuries, its inaccessible areas have aroused the interest of scientists and fired the imagination of travellers eager to discover the secrets of the last white spots on the map of the world. Even in the age of satellites, the Arctic remains fascinating with new stretches of land revealed each year from beneath melting glaciers, providing a unique opportunity for geologists to study rocks previously untouched by man. The reward for overcoming the adversity of the far north is the intriguing stories written in its rocks from hundreds of millions of years ago, when the Earth experienced catastrophic climate change. During our journey to Svalbard we will go back in time and try to answer the questions: Was it once possible to walrus on the equator? Was life on Earth saved by volcanoes? Can geological processes slow down global warming?

On 22.01.2021 (10:00 a.m.) dr inż. Grzegorz Ziemniak from the Institute of Geological Sciences UWr will present a remote lecture from the Secrets of the Earth and the Universe series entitled “Arctic field geology – Precambrian climatic catastrophes recorded in Svalbard rocks”.

Link to the meeting

Published by: Maria Kozan

12 Jan 2022

last modification: 12 Jan 2022