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The University of Graz organises the online workshop “Teaching a service-learning course: Introduction, benefits, practical guidelines” next 25th May. The workshop is aimed at Arqus teachers who want to learn about service-learning as a teaching method. Service learning combines education with social engagement. Students taught using this method take part, in addition to theoretical classes, in social projects related to their field of study but which have a real impact on the world outside the university.

Service learning

The topics covered are:

  • Types of service-learning and E-service-learning.
  • Benefits of service-learning for students, teachers and community partners.
  • Involving community partners in service-learning.
  • Service-learning in practice: difficulties and solutions.
  • Specificities of assessing service-learning courses.
  • Good practice examples and worksheets.

During the training, a mix of theoretical and practical inputs and participatory, interactive methods in small groups will be applied.

The trainer of the workshop is Dr. Katharina Resch (MSc). Katharina Resch is a sociologist and educational researcher at the University of Vienna (Austria) and her main research interests are educational research and didactics, diversity, inclusion, and service-learning.

The workshop will take place online (via Zoom) next 25th May from 9 am to 4 pm (CEST). The language of instruction is English. The workshop is free of charge. Registration is required.

Please, register here until 18th May.

For more information, please contact Elisabeth Hillebrand-Augustin at