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The Arqus European University Alliance, of which the University of Wrocław has been a member since 2022, has been awarded funding from European Commission for the next four years of the Alliance activities. The Alliance applied for funding from the Erasmus Plus programme in March this year for the implementation of activities between 2022 and 2026. Today, the European Commission announced the results of a competition in which Arqus was awarded funding of €14.4 million.

This is the next EC funding for this university network established in 2019, the first grant covered the period 2019-2022. We remind you that our university joined the alliance in January 2022.

The Arqus European University Alliance is a long-term initiative that brings together the universities of Granada, Graz, Leipzig, Lyon, Minho, Padua, Vilnius and Wrocław, eight prestigious comprehensive research universities that share the conviction that European cooperation is essential to the global future of their institutions. Arqus, being a people-centred Alliance, aims to promote a multilingual, international, entrepreneurial and innovative approach in the provision of education, research and innovation. Together, Arqus universities work in the creation of a forward-looking, open, integrated and research-driven European University.

The main activities envisaged for the period 2022-2026 concern the mobility of staff and students within all the universities belonging to the network, the common educational and training offer for staff and the development of new innovative actions towards its roll-out as a fully-fledged European University.

Grafika Arqusa

Arqus aims to advance in joint flexible learning pathways, in innovative teaching, in enhancing the experience of early-stage researchers, and in synergies with its local ecosystems. It will promote three cross-cutting enablers: traditional and innovative forms of mobility for all; inclusion and diversity; plurilingual and intercultural competence for democratic culture.

In order to fulfil these tasks, Arqus will develop a common digital environment for its collaborative work, as a joint virtual learning and teaching platform, enabling secure certification.

Another key feature of this new phase is the set up of a Talent & Innovation Fund to attract excellent students (with a special focus on those from vulnerable backgrounds, including those affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine), to offer seed funding for small-scale bottom-up initiatives, and to test new forms of mobility. Finally, Arqus will establish a development unit to facilitate data and evidence-based analysis for the strategic planning of the future of the Alliance itself and of the European Universities Initiative in general.

Arqus aspires to transform European higher education, research and innovation through deep cooperation and progressive integration, in pursuit of an equitable and sustainable future by together: educating critical and socially engaged European citizens, equipped for lifelong learning, leaving no-one behind; generating excellent, open, challenge-driven, innovative, and reflective knowledge; acting as a committed multi-level societal and global player. Bringing down barriers to effective cooperation.