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Arqus webinar on “Inclusive university for students with disabilities”

On 16th March 2022, from 3 pm to 5 pm CET, Arqus holds a webinar devoted to the topic “Inclusive University for students with disabilities”

All Arqus university members (and anybody interested in the topic addressed: scholars, students, professionals, citizens…) are invited to participate in the webinar. The participants will have the possibility to reflect upon new scenarios for students with disabilities that left high school without a Diploma.

The webinar aims to inspire dialogue and will be a way to foster new ideas and concrete actions to widen access in terms of learning, environments, and relationships, also for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and to pursue the goal of a caring, inclusive, enabling people Arqus University.

The webinar will be run on Zoom, administered by the University of Padua.

Register until 16th March at 2 pm CET, through the following link.


  • Welcome.
  • Presentation 1: Students’ voices on inclusive university. Elida Linnea Slettum (University of Bergen) and Mario Bertolaso (University of Padova / Q&A with the audience (Chairs: Simone Visentin and Lisa Griggio, University of Padova).
  • Presentation 2: Key elements about feasibility of Think college Program. Bryan Dague (Vermont University – USA) / Q&A with the audience (Chairs: Barbara Levc and Victoria Reszler, Graz University).
  • Presentation 3: Rethinkg College in Padova: main outcomes from a single case study. Simone Visentin and Maria Chiara Ferraresi (University of Padova) / Q&A with the audience (Chairs: Lina Garbenčiūtė, Vilnius University; Marion Sagnard, University of Saint-Etienne).
  • Summary: debate managed by Ellen Lien (University of Bergen) and Albamaria Hernández Sánchez (University of Granada).

Webinar will be held in the framework of the task force “Rethinking college Programme: building new inclusive pathways at university” of Action Line 2, Widening access, inclusion and diversity.

Details here.

Published by: Ewelina Kośmider

10 Mar 2022

last modification: 16 Mar 2022