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Is there a difference between a vector vaccine and an mRNA vaccine? How are they tested, what “factoids” do we have to deal with in the discussion about efficacy and harm? This is what the students of biotechnology at the University of Wrocław decided to work on.

Students from the Department of Biotechnology, during their semester-long bioethics classes, prepared brochures and reports on various vaccines available in Poland. They explain not only how coronavirus “works”, but also how the different types of vaccines counter-attack. What makes covid-19 more dangerous than the flu? There are plenty of such questions around. Students looked into Polish and world reports, but also using their biotechnological knowledge, they explain how particular vaccines were prepared and tested. There are no uncomfortable questions for them – so they also describe adverse reactions or who should not be vaccinated. You can find everything in the reports attached below.

Published by: Aleksandra Draus

16 Mar 2021

last modification: 16 Mar 2021