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Bohemian Friday at the Institute of Slavic Studies

The Department of Bohemian Studies invites to a scientific and didactic event on 20 May 2022 (Friday), which will be attended by students, postgraduate students, participants of Czech language courses, UWr lecturers and guests from Kraków, Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań and Olomouc.

At 9:00 in room 301, a glottodidactic conference “The future of Polish and Czech as foreign languages for the Slavic people” will begin, organised together with the Project Service Office of UWr.

At 13:00, in turn, we invite you to its ‘younger’ part, the first conference in years prepared by our students from the Student Scientific Association of Czech Studies, entitled Další odstavec – another paragraph: a student perspective on the Czech and Polish languages, culture and literature of our neighbours.

The conference programme and poster can be found in the appendix (only in Polish).

At 10:15, students and enthusiasts of Czech literature are invited to room 401 for a bohemian translation workshop led by Olga Chernikov, author of numerous translations, including the works by Radka Denemarková (Pieniądze od Hitlera, Przyczynek do historii radości, Kobold, Wady snu), Jan Balabán (Pianka od Chińczyka), Petr Rákos (Corvina, czyli Książka o krukach), Vladimír Binar (Pianka od Chińczyka), Petr Rákos (Corvina, czyli Książka o krukach), and Sylva Fischerová (Europa jest jak krzesło Thoneta, Ameryka to kąt prosty).

The workshop will be a short introduction to the theory and practice of literary translation. They will discuss both general issues (basic translation strategies, style and aesthetics of translation, ways of constructing narratives and introducing dialogues in Polish, translation of idioms and language games) and those strictly related to Czech (obecná čeština, false friends of the translator, Czech proper names, selected syntax problems). We will also talk about working with editors and proofreaders and how to get a publisher interested in your translation. The theoretical part will be followed by a practical part, during which workshop participants will translate a selected fragment of a literary text into Polish.

Come and join us on Friday, 20 May, at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Wrocław!


Published by: Maria Kozan

19 May 2022

last modification: 19 May 2022