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Building InclusU: The European University for Inclusiveness

Eight European universities have decided to join forces to answer the second pilot Erasmus+ call for projects for “European University.”

InclusU, the European University for inclusiveness, is composed of eight universities stretching from east to west, from north to south, located in territories with diverse profiles, and embedded in a strong network of international partners and stakeholders from the economic sector and society:

The University of Lille (France), Babes-Bolyai University (Romania), Malmo University (Sweden), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), the University of Minho (Portugal), Roma Tre University (Italy), the European University Viadrina (Germany) and the University of Wrocław (Poland). The members of InclusU share the same values, strategy and long-term vision: become a champion of university inclusiveness in governance, learning, teaching, research and engagement.

The European Union and the wider world around us are indeed experiencing a time of upheaval. European societies are facing major challenges in a range of areas, which often result in the exclusion and marginalization of vulnerable groups. The answer to these challenges lies in knowledge and inclusion. More than ever, Europe needs the Universities, those are key players in society where knowledge is produced and disseminated, and inclusion can, and should be, a priority and reality.

The members of InclusU join their forces to invent a new model o university, more Inclusive and better equipped to address these challenges.

InclusU partners want to take European cooperation to the next level: The governance of this European university will be shared, involving students and staff, as well as representatives from the Regions associated partners, offering more innovative learning and teaching programs based on this new holistic approach of Inclusiveness.

InclusU broadens and deepens the participation of students, staff and stakeholders through teaching, learning and research activities on European identity, employability, welfare, and digitalization, as well as through original platforms on sustainable internationalization and social innovation, thus contributing to developing solutions and capitalizing on the pivotal role of universities. Among its wide range of tasks and deliverables, InclusU focuses on the project’s implementation via transnational tailor-made modules, double degrees and micro-credentials for a multidimensional recognition of the learners’ skills and competences.

The 8 InslusU universities have been working together in the last 18 months, and submitted the project on 26 February, to create the European University for Inclusiveness.

In order to strengthen the links between the universities associated to the project, a second rectors’ meeting was organized on February 12 at the University of Lille in partnership with the Hauts-de-France region. The rectors and vice-rectors of these eight universities, the vice-presidents and directors of international relations departments participated to the event.

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

11 Mar 2020

last modification: 11 Mar 2020