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Knowledge Clusters

In 2011 UWr became a member of two knowledge clusters: Silesian ECO-Energia cluster and BioSilesia Cluster.

The former was created in order to give its member companies advantage over their rivals thanks to making new technologies accessible through research institutes, participation of higher schools, support of partner local institutions, province and district self-government units, associations of rural and urban communes, energy conservation agencies, housing associations, and energy companies.

Prof. Hubert Kołodziej and dr Andrzej Vogt from the University of Wrocław, known for their innovative ideas on alternative energy sources, work on this project. The cluster brings together experts – entrepreneurs and researchers who manage investment projects – and its mission is to implement the idea of simultaneous production of electricity and heat based on renewable energy sources: biogas plants, biomass, biofules, wind and solar energy, and hydropower.

BioSilesia Cluster is a co-operation platform for Lower Silesian biotechnology companies. Besides integrating member companies, thanks to the synergistic use of their knowledge and skills BioSilesia contributes to fostering innovation and competitiveness in units operating in biotechnology sector, and facilitates introduction of cutting-edge products to the market. The members jointly manage projects dealing with broadly defined biotechnology, environmental protection, pharmacy, cosmetic industry, and other similar sectors. The cluster also carries out R&D activities and provides courses, such as analyses and commissioned biotechnology research, R&D counselling, in-vitro cell research, biochemical examinations and analyses, consultations on recombinant proteins and their production, designing and implementing laboratory solutions, and additionally, provides support for new companies.