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Wrocław Centre for Biotechnology (WCB)

The University of Wrocław is also a member of Wrocław Centre for Biotechnology, comprising two our faculties: of Biotechnology and Chemistry.

The Consortium has been awarded the status of a Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) for 2014-2019. This allows its members to develop existing research and meet new challenges. Interdisciplinary nature of this centre provides comprehensive and wide range of research activities in carry out and implementing phases – all the way from an idea to introduction in a particular sector. The involvement of all Consortium members makes it possible to carry out comprehensive research in biotechnology, chemistry, immunology and biomedicine, medicine and veterinary, and food and nutrition sciences. Close co-operation between partners allows to develop new technologies and transfer the knowledge to industry.

In Wrocław Centre for Biotechnology students can prepare their theses relating to KNOW research areas under the tutelage of academic staff affiliated with institutions other than their own, and participate in international internships and student and doctoral student exchange.