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The Career Office is launching a new program aimed at students who wish to acquire and develop leadership skills.

In these changing, uncertain, and non-linear times, managerial and leadership positions demand that you develop specific skills. In the leadership program:

– you will participate in 7 webinars that will help you develop your leadership and managerial skills,

– you will walk an individualised development path, strengthening and developing skills related to that field,

– you will create an original project that will be published on the Career Office website,

– after completing the program, you will receive a certificate.

This program is for you, if:

– Teamwork and leadership is something that you want to work on, as well as acquire and develop skills in

– You are currently a leader, and have at least one year of experience as a leader, e.g. of a project, association, student organisation, or at work

– You want to learn and develop skills that the labour market expects from the leaders of the future, in practice

– You want to know how to properly develop networks, build business relationships, and create a trusted personal brand

– You want to meet specialists from various fields who, using their practice and experience, will teach you how to become a leader of the future

What else should you know before you apply?

– The program is implemented in co-operation with Employers and lasts 7 months

– A maximum of 16 people may participate in the Program – the number of participants is limited!

– You have to be a student or a graduate of the University of Wrocław (maximum 2 years after graduating) to join

You can apply for the Program here.

We want to thank the team of the Student Association „COMMON”: Franciszek Nasiłowski, Aleksandra Kamińska, Zuzanna Kończyk, Magdalena Heba, and Kornelia Słapa, who put a lot of work into preparing content marketing and graphic design of the materials.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

17 Nov 2020

last modification: 17 Nov 2020