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Starting 16 November, we are recruiting students for the 10th edition of the mentoring programme. If you want to spend the following months creatively, effectively, and in a way that will benefit your professional development – this is for you! Don’t hesitate and send your application to join the Mentoring Programme organised by the Career Office of the University of Wrocław!

The mentoring program is based on the informal relationship between a Mentor (a skilled specialist with high professional competences) and a Mentee (a student of UWr). During meetings, the Mentor inspires, shares their professional experience, transfers knowledge.

The goal of these meetings is also getting the necessary information about your chosen career path, verifying your ideas about professional work, learning the meaning of “professional maturity”. During the meetings, the Mentor does not force their opinion and does not give ready-made answers. They provide guidance and support.

Why is this program so significant and powerful?

1) Firstly – it gives young people an amazing opportunity to learn about and understand the labour market and its laws, and the employers’ expectations, thanks to the special relationship between a Mentee and their Mentor.

2) Secondly – it allows students to look at their own skills from the perspective of the market, name them, verify them, and assess what’s important in relation to the industry where a young person plans to begin a professional career.

3) Thirdly – the mentoring process is more than just meetings in a relaxed atmosphere, it’s primarily developmental work with specific objectives and tasks to do, it’s a journey that broadens your horizons and shows where and how to look for answers to important questions.

Further details in English.

Translation by: Katarzyna Ławniczek (IFA)

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

17 Nov 2020

last modification: 17 Nov 2020