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Centre for Student and Doctoral activities at the UWr!

On 1 November, the Centre for Student and Doctoral Activities will be launched at the University of Wrocław.

It will consist of:

  • Team for Scientific, Social Activities and Cooperation with Student and Doctoral Organisations,
  • Team for Professional Activity – Career Office,
  • Team for Cooperation with Graduates.

The CASD will be located in a building at ul. Piastowska 1a.

The Centre is supervised by the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

The Centre for Student and Doctoral Activities includes tasks related to the coordination and support of activities and management of space dedicated to the organisation of scientific, educational, cultural and social life of students and doctoral students, presentation of research, achievements and organisation of initiatives within the university community and in connection with active cooperation with the external environment. The scope of the Centre’s tasks also includes support in starting professional activity after graduation, monitoring the careers of graduates and developing cooperation with graduates.

The main tasks of the Centre:

  1. analysis of student and doctoral activities within the Centre;
  2. administrative service of the Centre;
  3. monitoring expenditures of funds allocated for student and doctoral student activities;
  4. cooperation with the students’ and doctoral students’ self-government;
  5. organising matters related to the activities of the students’ and doctoral students’ self-government, scientific circles, associations, organizations, and artistic groups
  6. providing assistance to students and graduates in starting professional activity after graduation. Such assistance shall relate in particular to

a) providing individual career counselling and conducting group workshops on broadly defined labour market issues;
b) promoting academic entrepreneurship;
c) collecting information on the possibilities of improving professional qualifications in various forms of education (courses, postgraduate studies);
d) conducting various forms of active seeking of job offers and apprenticeships for students and graduates;
e) cooperating with labour market, official and non-governmental institutions in order to facilitate the professional start for the University graduates.

7. monitoring careers of the University’s graduates, especially with a view to adapting the fields of study and educational programmes to the needs of the labour market.

The entities operating and cooperating with CASD include:

  1. Student Council;
  2. Doctoral Student Council;
  3. Student Residence Councils
  4. Academic Circles and the Council of Academic Circles;
  5. Students’ Ombudsman
  6. The Choir of the University of Wrocław “GAUDIUM”
  7. The University Club of the Academic Sports Association;

Details in the documents:

Link do ZARZĄDZENIA Nr 165/2021 Rektora Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego z dnia 21 października 2021 r. w sprawie zmiany zarządzenia Nr 114/2020 Rektora Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego z dnia 1 września 2020 r. wprowadzającego Regulamin Organizacyjny Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego 

 Link do tekstu ujednoliconego zarządzenia Nr 114/2020 – wg stanu na dzień 1.11.2021 r. 

Published by: Maria Kozan

22 Oct 2021

last modification: 22 Oct 2021