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An Equal Treatment Commission has been established. This is another of the activities thanks to which the University of Wrocław is an increasingly open, tolerant and friendly place – for all people in the university community.

The equal treatment commission at the University of Wrocław is to act for equal treatment at the university and to ensure equal opportunities for all its members. Its aim is to disseminate knowledge on equal treatment and to prevent discrimination. Its tasks also include carrying out activities when an application for a formal complaint procedure is submitted (the formal complaint procedure is one of the ways to resolve situations related to harassment, discrimination and other abuses.).

– The activities of the Commission will concern three strategic areas for the current term of office: friendly organization of work and studies, friendly communication and friendly space, serving the principle of openness, accessibility and mutual respect – says the President of the Commission, dr hab. Anna Śledzińska-Simon. – We will work with the Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment, the Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Students’ and Doctoral Students’ Safety and a network of faculty plenipotentiaries for equal treatment, as well as departmental plenipotentiaries for students’ and doctoral students’ safety.

The announcement of the Rector of the University of Wrocław of January 20, 2021 informs that the Commission for Equal Treatment includes: dr hab. Anna Śledzińska-Simon (chairman); dr hab. Beata Cytowska, prof. UWr with WNHP, dr hab. Anna Kochan from PE, Tomasz Nowak PhD from PE, Martyna Pryszmont PhD from WNHP, dr hab. Przemysław Żukiewicz, prof. UWr from WNS, Jakub Kulpa from the Employee Affairs Department, Barbara Skałacka-Harrold from the International Cooperation Office, Hanna Achremowicz as a representative of PhD students, Aleksandra Kabala as a students’ representative – Adjudication Section. The section for explanatory proceedings was appointed by Ariel Przybyłowicz PhD from WPAE and Katarzyna Radke from the Organizational Department.

Published by: Małgorzata Jurkiewicz

5 Feb 2021

last modification: 5 Feb 2021