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Competition for incentive allowances within IDUB has been settled

The University of Wrocław is the only university in Lower Silesia and one of ten universities in the whole country in the Excellence Initiative - Research University programme. IDUB is an initiative that aims to turn leading Polish universities into research institutions comparable to their counterparts in Western Europe, the United States and Asia. Additional money has been allocated for this purpose. Male and female scientists may obtain it, among other things, by taking part in competitions. The second edition of the competition "Pro-quality method of remunerating academic teachers" for motivational allowances has just finished at the University of Warsaw. The best 150 people received additional money, which will be paid throughout the year.

The competition provided for the payment of 150 allowances amounting to PLN 2600 gross per month for 12 months. The competition received 359 applications. On the basis of these applications, in accordance with the rules of the competition, an algorithm was used to generate a ranking of the applications ordered according to the so-called ‘ranking weight’ of the submitted publications.

The competition was conducted in two stages. The winners of the first stage of the competition were the first 100 persons from the ranking list. In accordance with the regulations, persons ranked 101-195 on the ranking list (including 15 applications ranking ex aequo 195) were qualified to the second stage of the competition. The remaining 50 laureates were selected by the Competition Commission appointed by the Rector from among the beneficiaries of the first stage of the competition. Within the framework of its works, the Commission tried to analyse the quality of publications included in the applications on positions from 101 to 195 (including 15 applications occupying ex aequo position 195), taking into account the following aspects in particular: weights and competition points obtained, participation of the candidates in the submitted publications (taking into consideration authors from outside the University and the available information on the contribution of particular authors to the obtained results), publication citations, rank of the journals in which they are published. The Commission recommended 50 candidates for awarding the time allowance and unanimously accepted such an award in the second stage of the competition.

We publish the lists of laureates in the appendices. Congratulations!

Temporary incentive allowances places 1-100
Temporary incentive allowances places 101-150

Published by: Maria Kozan

22 Jun 2022

last modification: 22 Jun 2022