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Conference Days of Psychology

Days of Psychology will take place already on 20-22 May 2022! The event is organised by the Wrocław office of the Polish Association of Students and Graduates of Psychology in cooperation with the Psychology Research Groups of the University of Wrocław and the University of SWPS. Psychology Days is an annual popular science conference addressed not only to students of psychology, but also to all residents of Wrocław, who do not deal with this field in a professional or academic context. The event aims to popularize psychological knowledge, act for the general development of society and is open to all interested persons. The theme of this year’s edition is interdisciplinarity of psychology. As organisers, we want to show how many fields and areas it is applicable in. Therefore, we invited experts from various fields, including clinical psychology, business psychology, sexology, psychodietetics, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology.

During the event there will be lectures, workshops, panel discussions and a student panel where you can present your own work – you are very welcome!

The event on Facebook.
Active participation form. (Registration open until 10 May!) Workshop registration form.

Published by: Maria Kozan

10 May 2022

last modification: 11 May 2022