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Conference “Local Jewish Community”

On 18 November 2021, events in Ostrów Wielkopolski and the southern Wielkopolska region were dominated by the 9th National Academic Conference “Local Jewish Community”. Organised by the Research Centre for the History and Culture of Jews from Southern Wielkopolska of the UWr. Despite pandemic restrictions, the synagogue gathered many people interested in the event. Apart from the speakers, there were high school students, students of higher education institutions in Ostrów, as well as listeners of the Ostrów University of the Third Age. The inauguration was attended by representatives of the cultural and educational institutions cooperating with the Centre from southern Wielkopolska: Pleszew, Kalisz, Kępno and Odolanów. The local government officials emphasized that the Centre has been the main factor behind the University’s presence in the region for nine years and its permanent place in the landscape of scientific and educational events not only in Ostrów Wielkopolski but in the entire region. Sebastian Górski, Deputy Mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski, thanked Dr Krzysztof Morta for his initiatives of commemorating Polish, Jewish and German communities living together in the past, referring to the recent events in Kalisz (the burning of the statute on November 11). He also stressed how valuable are such initiatives, which are not guided by emotions but by the scientific interpretation of facts. The Research Centre for the History and Culture of Jews from Southern Wielkopolska is a part of the Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies and was set up as a result of previous cooperation between the employees of the institute and the town of Ostrów Wielkopolski (already in 2009, under the supervision of Dr. Morty, lapidaries were built at the site of two Jewish cemeteries in Ostrów Wielkopolski).

Local authorities, invited guests and especially the numerous speakers were welcomed by the organiser of the cyclic conferences Dr. Krzysztof Morta. He thanked all those who every year are involved in the organisation of the conference and thanks to their dedication of free time this scientific event has so far been carried out without any problems. Afterwards, the inaugural lecture entitled „Dwie tomaszowskie Muzy Juliana Tuwima” (“Two Muses from Tomaszów – Juliana and the Polish Jews”) was delivered by prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Tomasz Witczak. After his conclusion, the actual conference proceedings took place. Speakers from over a dozen academic and cultural centres from all over Poland debated until 7:30 p.m. The papers dealt with various aspects of the functioning of Jewish communities throughout Poland (a full schedule can be found on the website of the Cultural Centre in Ostrów). The academic conference of the University of Wrocław was broadcast by local media and institutions.

Łukasz Krzyszczuk, Secretary of the 9th National Academic Conference “Local Jewish Community”

Published by: Maria Kozan

22 Nov 2021

last modification: 22 Nov 2021