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Below, there is a list of the most frequent questions and their answers regarding students in terms of the epidemiological situation. We ask you to stay calm, conform to instructions, and follow the news.

Will the degree examination in March be cancelled or postponed?

That sort of questions should be addressed directly to the Dean.

Are libraries open?

The University Library, reading rooms of all faculty libraries, and the reading room of the Wrocław University Archive are closed until April 14.

Since the libraries are closed and thus returning borrowed books is impossible, will there be any penalty for overdue books?

There will be no penalty for overdue books.

What about the sports classes?

All sport activities are called off.

Are the dean’s offices going to be open?

With the department’s consent, dean’s offices may be open but in different hours and with a reduced number of staff. However, we highly recommend to solve all sorts of issues via the Internet or phone.

Is the academic year going to be extended?

We are not planning to extend the academic year.

Will there be online classes?

Suspension of face-to-face classes does not mean break from studying and there is a possibility that learning will take another form. By March 18, all the deans will publish the list of lectures and classes that will be conducted through distance learning.

Is the suspension period final or may it occur that it will be extended?

For the time being, we are not planning to extend the suspension period. However, for the sake of our students’ and staff’s safety, Rector might extend this period.

Are students, including members of student research groups and other students associations, allowed to come to their laboratories?

Within the period of suspension, students should minimize their stay at the university. In case of important situations, you should contact your Dean.

What about the recruitment process? Will the application deadline be changed?

The recruitment for studies will not change. We recommend to follow the news on

What about the open day and Juwenalia?

Until 30 April 2020, all the events taking place at the University of Wroclaw are called off. This period might be extended. Some of the events might happen at a later date. We recommend to follow the news on

What about the consultation hours with the lecturers?

All the face-to-face consultations are cancelled. Students are advised to contact their tutors via an e-mail.

Can I still live in the dormitory?

Students of the University of Wrocław can live in their halls of residence. However, new accommodations, as well as guest visits to the dormitories and ‘Hotel Asystenta’ are not allowed. Also, students are asked to stay in their rooms and not to organize any parties.

What about sports activities such as swimming, for which we had to pay? Are we going to get a refund? Will there be possibility to use the sports facilities in the second term for the money that we paid in the first term?

All the sport related questions should be addressed to the University Sports Centre (

How can I prolong the validity of my student ID card?

In accordance with the decision issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the validity of student cards has been prolonged until May 31, 2020. There is no need to do it in person in the dean’s office.

Will there be language tests in Studium Praktycznej Nauki Języków Obcych?

All the language tests have been cancelled.

Will break in having classes result in having them on Saturdays?

Such a solution is not planned in our university.

What about the Erasmus? Will the application deadline be extended?

Most probably, recruitment process for the Erasmus+ programme will be extended. Please, follow the news on and, as well as on our social media. For detailed information, please contact the International Office.

Will students whose examination period has been extended by the Dean be crossed of the students list if they did not manage to take the exam within this period due to the current situation?

All students whose examination period has been extended are still on the list of students.

Will I still be receiving the stipend?

Of course, all types of scholarships and stipends will be paid.

Will the administrative staff be available to students?

Some offices have introduced home office policy. However, at least one person should be physically present in every office. It is advised to come only in case of the most urgent issues, though. Otherwise, please make a contact via e-mail. Contact information is to be found on

Have classes for part time students also been cancelled?

All types of face-to-face classes for all students have been cancelled.

Where do I find information on the potential risk of coronavirus at the university?

We kindly ask all our students to regularly check their e-mail boxes, follow the news on, on the websites of each department, and on social media.