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Covid-19 vaccinations for international students!

What is the difference between autumn 2021 and autumn 2020? In that, although the number of cases per day is similar, the virus (Delta) is up to four times more spreadable than last year’s version. This year we have an extra weapon. Vaccination. Thanks to vaccination – even the few vaccinated people who get Covid’s disease – are passing the infection more smoothly. It is thanks to vaccination that we can meet again at the university. 80% of our staff have been vaccinated, how many students? We do not know. But we encourage you: get vaccinated! We are doing everything to make it easier for you.

Registration for vaccinations – first, second and third doses – will start from 4 October. We will prepare a special form in the Forms application. What is important: if you want to be vaccinated with the third dose, at least 6 months must have passed since the second dose. However, it is important to fill in the application Form first.On the basis of this information, the Medical University of Wrocław and the University of Wrocław will decide on the days when the vaccinations will be carried out in the University Library.

However, there will be an opportunity to get vaccinated earlier – on Friday, 1 October there will be a Vaccination Bus in front of the Swordsman by the Main Building. In it a doctor, a paramedic and vaccines.

Johnson&Johnson vaccination will be conducted in the bus.

On Monday, 4th October between 12:00 and 14:00 The vaccination bus will be located in front of the Main Building of the University Library.

On Friday 8th October between 10:00 and 15:00 the Vaccination Bus will be at the Main Building of the University Library.

We are still determining the dates of vaccinations, when the Vaccination Bus will come to the Koszarowa Campus or the Leopoldina Campus next to the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

1 Oct 2021

last modification: 5 Oct 2021