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GIS special recommendations for the higher education intitutions in Poland

Suspension of travel by our students and staff to the countries with the higher level of coronavirus transmission – it is one of the recommendations prepared for Polish higher education institutions by the Chief Sanitary Inspector in connection with the risk of being infected by coronavirus. And what about the classes?

Information and recommendations for the higher education institutions with regard to the potential risk of coronavirus, prepared by the Chief Sanitary Inspector, were published on the website of MNiSW on Thursday. Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 causes illness called COVID-19.

In its announcement on the website, GIS recommends to postpone all the travels to the areas of hazard. Also, it is recommended to cancel all the exchange visits by our academic partners located in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Iran, Japan, and Italy, as well as minimize the international cooperation.

As far as students under quarantine or epidemiological surveillance, or caretakers of underage being under surveillance are concerned, GIS recommends that their absence be excused. As for the staff, they should follow the ZUS’ regulations.

“For the time being, there is no reason to cancel classes or lectures. […]” – we read in the MNiSW’s announcement.

GIS emphasized that “For now, apart from cases of suspicion of infection, there is no indication suggesting to limit activities of the academic environment on campuses, dormitories, canteens, clubs and other academic facilities.” As they further add, in case of doubts on organizing events, it is suggested to get the provincial governor’s advice.

In the announcement, it was reminded that the virus spreads through droplets (coughing, sneezing or talking), which might be an immediate cause of infection. It reads that “The distance of 1-1,5m from the infected interlocutor is believed to be safe as long as he or she does not cough or sneeze in our direction.”