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UWrHelp+ is an initiative of the Student Council of UWr and the academic community. This year, things will be a little bit different – there will be no blood donation nor registration of bone marrow donors, but we will focus on help related to the coronavirus pandemic. Our activities will involve helping people in need who want to limit leaving their house because of their age or health condition. We will help with small everyday activities – buying groceries, walking the dog, and if need be – we can talk on the phone. We can also help with others things – just let us know.

UWrHelp+ is about the same values as every year – sensibility, empathy, and most importantly noticing and helping those around us. The team will provide support for members of the academic community, as well as for people outside of it. We will help retired UWr employees, but also current employers and students of UWr.

Every UWr student can join the team. Just get in touch with one of the coordinators, and they will direct you further and show you how you can help.

Of course, we remember that we are operating under particular circumstances, during a pandemic. We are not forgetting about our safety and safety of those around us, and are staying cautious. We are trying to avoid close contact (being in close proximity, face-to-face, with less than 2 metres of distance for over 15 minutes, direct physical contact, being in a closed space with strangers for at least 15 minutes) and respect key rules (at least 1,5 metre of distance from others, frequent hand washing or disinfecting, covering your mouth and nose).

How to get help?

To apply for help, a message has to be sent to the UWrHelp+ team’s Internet address:

Important! You must include a declaration of consent to the use of your data. The template can be found below.

Retired employees can also apply by phoning the deputy Deans for student affairs, accordingly to what Faculty they used to work at. Contact information can be found here, on our website.

Tranaslation: Katarzyna Ławniczek (IFA)