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Dr Dawid Junke from the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław has received the Fulbright Slavic Award 2020/2021. The Fulbright foundation grants the award to only three people in the country.

The Fulbright project is the biggest programme of knowledge and cultural exchange in the USA. For many, it is considered one of the most prestigious exchange programmes in the world, with its reputation going far beyond the academic community. For more than 70 years, it has been fostering collaboration between the USA and over 160 countries that aims at developing science, culture, as well as interpersonal and interinstitutional relationships.

“Fulbright Slavic Award is, first and foremost, a didactic prize. Within its framework, I will join the staff of the University of Washington in Seattle and I will be lecturing on the latest history of Polish and American cinema,” Junke says.

Additionally, our representative will be doing research in perfect conditions, for the University of Washington is the biggest academic institution on the West Coast and one of three universities in the USA with the biggest budget.

“To me, the scale of the local film industry and closeness to Hollywood is very important,” Junke says. “I will use it in my research on the authorship of TV series and the status of showrunners. Also, I hope we will be able to establish permanent cooperation between the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław and the Faculty of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Washington. I am planning  to arrange conferences that will take place alternately in Wrocław and in Seattle.

Photo of Dr Junke
Photo Michał Raińczuk/UWr/CC BY 2.0

Dawid Junke (1989), PhD. Culture expert, adjunct at the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław. His research interests revolve around popular culture, in particular the cultural aspects of production and reception of TV series. Member of the Polish Association of Cultural Studies, Polish Society of Film and Media Study, and The Association of Pop Culture Researchers and Pop-cultural Education ‘Trickster.’

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

21 May 2020

last modification: 23 Jun 2020