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Digital Realities – international conference (free)!

The General Sociology Department of the Institute of Sociology, University of Wroclaw, together with the Sociology of Work Section of the Polish Sociological Association and the Wroclaw Department of the Polish Sociological Association, with the support of Student Club for Social Initiatives and the University of Wroclaw (KISS UWr) and the Research Committee 44 on Labour Movements of the International Sociological Association would like to invite you for the 1st International online seminar "Digital realities: work, mobilities, and new opportunities and risks in Central and Eastern Europe in the (post)pandemic period."

Digitalisation understood in terms of the growing role of digital technologies in organising and managing social life is a trend which has been discussed by various scientific disciplines for at least three decades. The terms such as economy 4.0, platform economy or gig economy have been used to describe the process in which human and non-human agents interact bringing about accelerated social changes.

How does digitalisation influence the emergence of social institutions? What is the role of digital tools in both monitoring and facilitating migration in the pre- and, possibly, (post)pandemic period? What are the new technologies and labour market changes in Central and Eastern Europe? How is migration managed, mediated and controlled by new digital technologies? What is the role of new technologies in the creation of (post)pandemic social order? What is the role of new technologies in problem solving-skills?

You will learn the answers to those and many other questions about the new reality in the (post)pandemic period during the international conference on 13-14 May 2021. Lectures will be presented by scholars from the most prominent higher education institutions in Poland, France, Belgium, Romania, Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary.

  • When: 13-14 May 2021
  • Where: online (Zoom)
  • Costs: the participation in the conference is free of charge
  • Registration: required – please register HERE

To learn more about the detailed programme of the event, please see the attachments below.

The conference is linked to the project „COV-WORK: Socio-economic consciousness, work experiences and coping strategies of Poles in the context of the post-pandemic crisis”, funded by the National Science Centre in Poland, the NCN project number UMO-2020/37/B/HS6/00479.

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

8 Apr 2021

last modification: 8 Apr 2021