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The Department of Information Technology Services (Dział Usług Informatycznych) of the University of Wrocław starts sending out SMSes about vaccinations – with specific dates and times. Starting next Tuesday, we will vaccinate the second round of our academics. By Friday we will have vaccinated everyone. Then it will be time for students. We would like to remind you that until next Sunday, 9 May, we are waiting for registrations of those who wish to be vaccinated – students, administrative staff and family members of our employees. All the vaccinations will take place in the University Library.

Here we collect enrolments of students, PhD students and employees:

Here we are waiting for information about family members of employees, who you would like to vaccinate within the action at the University of Wrocław:

If someone earlier declared willingness to get vaccinated, but in the meantime managed to get a more suitable date, or maybe even got vaccinated – please inform the Director General of the Wroclaw University about this fact. The point is not to block the queue for others willing to be vaccinated:

We will vaccinate academic staff with the second dose of Astra Zeneca preparation:

on Tuesday 11th May – surnames A to G
on Wednesday 12th May G to M
on Thursday 13 May M to S
on Friday 14 May S to Z

If you have any further questions that are not covered by the information above, please send them to Dawid Piekarski, Head of OHSU Wrocław University.

Ps. In the text message which was sent to you, an autocorrect changed Dawid’s name to Dariusz. The correct e-mail is: . ;-)

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

7 May 2021

last modification: 7 May 2021