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On 29 May 2019 the Doctoral School of the University of Wrocław, an organised form of doctoral training, was established. The training of doctoral students in particular disciplines will now be carried out in doctoral colleges established within the doctoral school at faculties appropriate to the respective councils of scientific disciplines.

The training programmes at the Doctoral School at the University of Wrocław focus both on providing doctoral students with the highest qualifications in a given scientific field and on supporting them in the implementation of their doctoral theses, and on sharing the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to independently manage their own careers (including building a research and teaching workshop, working in interdisciplinary and international teams and supporting them in conducting their own research projects). Doctoral students at the UWr Doctoral School benefit from implementation doctorates, Preludium BIS and OPUS projects. Currently, the Doctoral School at the University of Wrocław educates over 300 doctoral students, every tenth of whom is a foreigner.

Currently, there are 16 colleges at the UWr. The Doctoral School at the University of Wrocław offers about twenty courses, including some available in English. Education at all doctoral schools is free and lasts four years. In addition, each doctoral student at the Doctoral School receives financial support in the form of a scholarship.

Doctoral School of the University of Wrocław in the internationalisation programme

The University of Wroclaw’s project “IQ Project: Internationalisation as a Quality of the New Doctoral School” won second place in the STER programme (2020 edition) of the National Agency for Academic Exchange. The programme aims to increase the internationalisation of doctoral schools in Poland. The UWr project will be implemented in the years 2021-2023, and approximately PLN 2 million will be allocated for its implementation. The programme plans to carry out work aimed at creating 3 joint degree programmes in cooperation with foreign universities, financing scholarships and study visits abroad for the best doctoral students, organising three editions of an international summer school, conducting workshops on competencies and skills in self-presentation and intercultural communication, and the university’s participation in the largest European educational fair “Futuralia” in Portugal. For more information, visit

UWr doctoral students break the scholarship bank

Doctoral students from the University of Wrocław are among the most active in Wrocław. The winners of the latest edition of the city’s scholarship programme include the largest number of doctoral students from the University of Wrocław. They won as many as 7 out of 18 scholarships awarded in six categories. Two of the seven winners are foreign scholarship holders who chose the University of Wrocław and Wrocław to conduct their research and write their dissertations here. As if that wasn’t enough, the programme’s scholarship committees honoured another six people from the University of Wrocław. More information at

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