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Does smell affect concentration? Enroll your child in the study!

Dr Anna Oleszkiewicz of the Department of Experimental Social Psychology, a researcher in the field of olfactory science, is conducting a study to see if regular olfactory training helps with memory and concentration in school. If you are a parent of a child who is in the first grade of elementary school, you can register your child for the study.

Parents can register their children for the study by sending an email to: Then you will be invited together with your child to the Institute of Psychology of the University of Wrocław at ul. Dawida 1, where the student will solve simple puzzles and conceptual activities. Then the child will take home an olfactory training set consisting of four scented sticks (lemon, clove, eucalyptus and rose) – scents pleasant for children, effective in stimulating the sense of smell. The child will be asked to sniff these scents for a maximum of two minutes twice a day. After three months, the researchers will contact the parents and invite them along with the child for retesting. Importantly, they are not subject to any evaluation. The child does not have to worry about having done the task wrong. The researchers need about 120 volunteers who will receive gifts worth 50 PLN at the end of the tests. Similar studies for adults aged 26-30 should start next year.

Dr Anna Oleszkiewicz was listed among 30 Creatives of Wrocław this year. More information.

Published by: Maria Kozan

1 Dec 2021

last modification: 9 Dec 2021