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Physical Education Classes

Join us and represent the University of Wrocław at the competitions of the Lower Silesian Inter-University League and the Polish Academic Championships!

The University Sports Centre runs various sports sections in 2018/2019 academic year (detailed information in the attachment).

Rules for Enroling in PE classes

1.Registering and making corrections take place only on-line at the website It is not possible to enrol in any other way.

2. The curriculum of each student includes the number of hours and the deadline for passing the subject.

3. A student who has already registered and for some reason cannot attend physical education classes should disenrol at the latest during the corrections period.

4. Individuals holding doctor’s notes exempting them from performing physical exercises should present the medical certificate using the form below.

5. A student who is eligible to have a PE credit transferred (from another higher school) should visit the head of the unit during his office hours to complete the necessary formalities in order to get course credit (dr Włodzimierz Reczko (phone/fax +48 71 375 62 66,

6.Registration for a camp can be made only in the summer semester, regardless of whether you have signed up for other PE classes (basic or weekend). Participation in a camp is counted as 30 hours.

7. It is possible to collect 60 hours in the summer semester (basic or weekend PE classes and a camp).