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Sports Sections

Join us and represent the University of Wrocław in the competitions of the Lower Silesian Inter-University League and the Polish Academic Championships!

The University Sports Centre offers a variety of sports sections.

Rules for Recruitment:

1. Qualifying for sports sections takes place by way of selecting the students by the instructor, not registering on-line. Freshmen are also accepted. Sections’ classes are considered as regular sports classes, enabling to pass the physical education course.

2. The students who showcase appropriate skills or fitness during PE classes can also be qualified for the sports sections.

3. Full-time, evening, and extramural students of all years can all participate in training sessions of the sports sections.

4. The sections’ teams participate in athletic competitions of the Lower Silesian Inter-University League, the Polish University Championships, and the Polish Higher Schools Championships.

5. The results of those competitions determine the University’s place in the ranking of Polish universities and higher schools.

6. The students of the University of Wrocław with the highest sports scores may apply for a sports grant.

7. The Faculty’s Dean awards a sports grant at the student’s request.


* no medical contraindication to perform physical exercises

* sportswear and athletic footwear


* familiarity with basic rules

* fitness and good motor skills

* ability to perform basic elements of techniques

* representing the University at various sports competitions

For detailed information please write to:

Sports sections instructors

BADMINTON mgr M. Janiaczyk
BASKETBALL for men and women mgr M. Zaremba
SWIMMING for men and women mgr R. Tomczak rafał
FOOTBALL for men and women mgr P. Woźniak
HANDBALL men mgr W. Korzeniecki
TENNIS dr W. Reczko
TABLE TENNIS dr M.Derlich-Skrzypczak
ROWING mgr A. Mulka
SPORTS CLIMBING mgr B.Jakubowicz