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Supplementary courses

The University of Wrocław provides fee-paying supplementary courses aimed at improving professional and scientific qualifications and advancing and updating professional knowledge.

List of courses offered by the  Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics:

  • Management models in public administration (head – prof. dr hab. Jolanta Blicharz, prof. nadz. UWr)
  • Start your studies before you take the secondary school final exam. Zero year (head – dr hab. Mirosław Sadowski)
  • Negotiations and mediations in the public sphere (head – dr Magdalena Tabernacka)
  • Managing a legal office (head – dr Aleksandra Szadok-Bratuń)
  • Creating the image of a higher education institution in view of the Bologna Process (head – dr Aleksandra Szadok-Bratuń)
  • Creating a brand for local government (head – dr Aleksandra Szadok-Bratuń)
  • E-administration (head – prof. dr hab. Jacek Gołaczyński)
  • Electronic proceedings by writ of payment (head – prof. dr hab. Jacek Gołaczyński)
  • Detective services (head – prof. dr hab. Maciej Szostak, prof. nadzw. UWr)
  • Application of EU law by national authorities (head – dr Barbara Kowalczyk)
  • Course in the Russian law (head – dr hab. Lidia Klat-Wertelecka, prof. nadzw. UWr)
  • Preparatory course for legal apprenticeship exam

List of courses offered by the Teacher Education Centre:

  • 6-year-old-friendly teaching in primary school
  • Developing teacher competence in logical, social and communication skills with tools to shape these competence in pupils
  • Teacher as a mentor for student placements at school

List of courses offered by the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences:
(faculty coordinator: dr Ewa Musiał, e-mail:

  • The individualisation of working with a child
  • Recognising child’s competence in peer relationships, 1-4 grade
  • Intercultural education and education for interfaith dialogue
  • Body, gender, sexuality – educational aspects
  • The art of self-presentation
  • The past and future of civic culture
  • Psychology for politicians
  • I have become a home class teacher – what’s next? Integration of a class unit
  • Methods and techniques for activisation in working with pupils
  • Diagnosing seniors’ needs and methods of their activisation
  • The psychology of eating and psychodietetics
  • Elements of the psychology of creativity – innovative and active methods of working with a young child in the school’s educative sphere
  • How to raise a healthy child – maternal and paternal satisfaction
  • Crises as opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Using drama method in early school education
  • Using projects method in early school education
  • Working with mixed age groups at school
  • Health education at school: tutoring programme, prophylactic programme, health education – together or apart?
  • Integration of content or knowledge? Organising individualised classes in the first level of teaching
  • Pupil as an explorer in environmental education classes
  • Managing a school class – social learning in children
  • Children’s readiness for school
  • In the magical world of music – selected methods of musical education in working with children
  • Multimedia presentation in teacher’s work – a new outlook

Candidates for supplementary courses are required to submit the following documents at the Dean’s Offices or secretariates of interfaculty units running given courses:

  • application form (to be downloaded below);
  • copies of documents required for admission procedure;
  • signed agreement on providing educational services between the University of Wrocław and the supplementary course participant or between the University of Wrocław and the entity or institution referring the participant to the course (sample form below);
  • proof of course fee payment according to the provisions of the agreement on providing educational services.