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The Equal Treatment Committee at the University of Wrocław is to promote equal treatment at the university and ensure that all its members have equal opportunities. It is to disseminate knowledge on equal treatment and counteract discrimination. Its tasks also include taking action when a formal complaint procedure is requested (a formal complaint procedure is one way of resolving situations involving harassment, discrimination and other sorts of abuse).


Adjudication Section:

  • dr hab. Anna Śledzińska-Simon (Chair),
  • dr hab. Beata Cytowska, prof. UWr from WNHP
  • dr Anna Kochan and dr Tomasz Nowak from WF,
  • dr Martyna Pryszmont from WNHP,
  • dr Przemysław Żukiewicz, Prof. UWr from WNS,
  • Jakub Kulpa from the Employee Affairs Office,
  • Barbara Skałacka-Harrold from the International Relations Office,
  • Hanna Achremowicz as a representative of PhD students,
  • Aleksandra Kabala as student representative.

Examination Section:

  • dr Ariel Przybyłowicz from WPAE
  • Katarzyna Radke from the Organisational Department