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University of Wrocław faculties and non-faculty units have appointed respectives. They have the same powers within their units or faculties as the Ombudsman for Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination.


Faculty of Biotechnology: dr Magdalena Zaremba-Czogalla
Faculty of Chemistry: dr Natasza Sprutta
Faculty of Letters: dr Małgorzata Kolankowska
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy: dr Urszula Bąk-Stęślicka
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science: dr Paweł Laskoś-Grabowski
Faculty of Biological Sciences: dr Mariusz Dyląg
Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences: dr hab. Joanna Dufrat
Faculty of Social Sciences: dr Olga Nowaczyk
Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management: dr Paweł Brezdeń
Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics: dr Dobromiła Nowicka


University Archives: mgr Dawid Nyczka
University Library: mgr Luiza Bakalarczyk
Teacher Education Centre: dr Marta Kuty-Pachecka
Willy Brandt Centre: dr Dominika Uczkiewicz
Interfaculty College of Inter-area Individual Studies: mgr Monika Piechota
Interfaculty Studies of Environmental Conservation: mgr Magda Basta
Museum of the University of Wrocław: mgr Jarosław Suleja
English Language Centre: mgr Anna Wojtkiewicz
Foreign Language Centre: mgr Izabela Bojarska
University of the Third Age: mgr Aneta Biel