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The Faculty of Biological Sciences in its current form has been operating since 2006, but life sciences have been present at the University of Wrocław for many years. The faculty changes  over time in sync with the development of biological sciences – individual units launch new lines of research, curricula and the nature of the studies changes, and students are offered wider range of subjects and more choices.

The faculty consists of:

  • Institute of Experimental Biology
  • Institute of Environmental Biology
  • Institute of Genetics and Microbiology
  • Natural History Museum
  • Botanical Garden
  • 4 chairs and 3 laboratories
  • „Storczyk” Ecological Station in Karpacz
  • Ornithological Station in Ruda Milicka
  • Library of the Faculty of Biological Sciences

One can enroll in bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral studies in the following fields: biology, microbiology, genetics and experimental biology, human biology and management of natural environment. The joint interfaculty field of environmental conservation (first- and second-cycle programmes) is run in co-operation with the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management, led by the Interfaculty Studies of Environmental Conservation unit. Postgraduate studies are also available.

The students use scientific and learning facilities of the field stations in Karpacz and Ruda Milicka, and also of the Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum and Human Biology Museum. They also pursue their interests in numerous scientific groups.

The faculty prides itself in rich educational offer targeted at schools, such as tremendously popular educational programme„My first university”.  It also takes part in the Lower Silesian Science Festival and the Night of Biologists. The Regional Committee of the National Biology Contest operates under the faculty.

The scientists co-operate with renowned Polish and foreign institutions and universities. This has resulted in the faculty being awarded category A, a certification of very high level of research. We are authorised to award doctoral degrees in the area of biological sciences, academic disciplines of biology and ecology, and also to award the degree of doktor habilitowany in the area of biological sciences, academic discipline of biology.