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 The Faculty of Chemistry provides the framework for chemistry research and student teaching in different specialties. Intellectual openness and emphasis on collaboration are defining characteristics of the Faculty.

The Faculty of Chemistry is recognized both nationally and internationally for its research and its excellence in teaching. We have invested in modern, state-of-the-art equipment for carrying out agenda setting research and for the provision of high quality teaching.

We offer several carefully prepared programs in Polish but the more and more international character of the Faculty motivated us to develop also programs of studies in English.

The studies we offer are closely related to the research at the Faculty. All our curricula are elaborated by leading scientists, specialists in their area. Students can join research groups and take part in scientific research. It is expected that Master thesis should contain a new scientific results which can be published in international journals.

The Faculty of Chemistry was recently awarded the prestigious KNOW (Leading National Scientific Center) status by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Additionally, international and within the country co-operation is one of the most important priorities in planning our research activities in the near future.

Faculty employees care also about the popularization of chemistry by implementing a variety of educational projects addressed to students and teachers.