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History, several pedagogy-related fields, psychology, art history, archaeology, cultural studies, musicology, ethnology, history in public space, material culture heritage – protection, promotion and management, and the only military studies in Poland – that’s the rich and varied educational provision of the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences.

The faculty consists of 7 institutes and 1 chair:

Institute of Archaeology
Historical Institute
Institute of Art History
Institute of Cultural Studies
Institute of Musicology
Institute of Pedagogy
Institute of Psychology

Nearly 80 professors and close to 200 PhDs ensure the constant development of academic schools of thought in the areas pursued at the faculty, and historical and pedagogical sciences merge here. New approaches to education, such as tutoring, are also practised at the faculty.

The students can select from a wide range of first- and second-cycle programmes, in residential, non-residential, and uniform master’s form, as well as postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Each year the archaeologists of the University of Wrocław make new discoveries during excavation works. In 2016 they unearthed gallows from the 16th century and communal burial of a man, woman and two children from 4500 years ago. Examination of the artefacts is currently in progress. The archaeologists from the faculty also carry out excavations in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

The faculty has been awarded a prestigious category A+ by the Committe for the Evaluation of Scientific Research Institutions. The students develop their interests in scientific groups, organise conferences and symposia as well as conduct their own research.

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