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The University of Wrocław prepared wide range of programmes for those interested in exact sciences. Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science provides education for outstanding IT specialists and mathematicians as well as experts in finance, bank, and actuarial sectors.

The faculty is listed among the best Polish scientific centres. Its academic staff conducts world-class research, co-operating with top scientists from around the world (such as Princeton University or Stanford University). The graduates don’t have any difficulties with getting suitable jobs (mainly in IT and bank sectors) and many work in top positions in renowned companies (such as Google or Credit Suisse).

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science offers 3 fields of study: computer science, mathematics, and Individual Mathematics and Computer Science Studies.

Computer science is currently the fastest growing branch of knowledge and technology. Studies in computer science allow one to become an active participant of the computer revolution. Our faculty has been educating specialists in computer science since 1975, always maintaining high level of teaching and ensuring that computer science taught at the Institute has been as close as possible to practical applications. We can take pride in our modern and ambitious curriculum, including not only the classics but also cutting-edge trends and technologies in computer science. It’s worth noting that we provide education on all levels: first-cycle (bachelor’s and engineering) and second-cycle studies (complementary master’s) as well as doctoral programme.

Studies in computer science above all provide access to experienced teachers with international experience (over a half of them have worked abroad) and flexible study plan (74% of subjects are selectable).

Mathematics has always been the queen of sciences. Today mathematical and statistical tools have much wider application than ever before – in IT, banking, financial sector, as well as other areas. The students of mathematics at the University of Wrocław can pursue education in six majors: data anslysis, actuarial and financial mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics in economics and insurance, teaching mathematics, and theoretical mathematics.

ISIM (Indywidualne Studia Informatyczno-Matematyczne), Individual Mathematics and Computer Science Studies are bachelor’s degree programme targeted at those who obtained the best results at their secondary school final exam. Half of ISIM students are the finalists of national computer science or mathematical contests. ISIM is an interdisciplinary field of study allowing to pursue education in two areas simultaneously. The students can personalise their study plan and adapt it to their needs and interest – each has a tutor who helps in selecting classes and supports scientific development of the mentee. The graduates are specialists knowledgeable in modern computer science and mathematics, with solid mathematical background, and able to skillfully apply IT tools.

Fot. Robert Scarth/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0