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The Interfaculty College of Inter-area Individual Studies is one of our most interesting offers. These are residential first- and second-cycle studies in humanities inspired by the classic master-apprentice relationship. Young people can simultaneously take up at least two fields of study from different areas, selected from all that are available at our university.

This field has been created on the basis of similar studies already existing at the University of Wrocław, including first only humanities, and then social sciences. Up until now the students were choosing their tutor and together they created individual study plan, selecting from the educational provision of 4 faculties. Since October 2016 one can pick classes offered by all 10 faculties.

Individual inter-area studies are the best choice for those interested in different subjects not limited to just one academic discipline. The candidate who got very good results of the secondary school final examination, passed the interview, proved that is open-minded and presented a clear plan for his or her future, will surely be admitted, says Prof. Piotr Chruszczewski, director of the College.

The seat of the Interfaculty College of Inter-area Individual Studies is located in the Faculty of Letters building at Plac Nankiera 15b, phone +48 71 375 20 63.