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The Faculty of Social Sciences has published an Information Newsletter which collects news from all units of the Faculty. The newsletter will be issued periodically, and the WNS (Faculty of Social Sciences) invites the entire community of the University to read the news from the Campus at Koszarowa.

We present to you the first issue of our faculty information newsletter. We hope that it will become another element of the new information policy and will contribute to the improvement of the image of our department. Thank you very much to all those who were involved in the preparation of the first issue, I believe that the group of Authors and Editors will be constantly growing. Our goal is to publish the next issues as often as possible, ultimately once a month. A confounding year is behind us. On March 11, a decision was made to switch the University to remote work – and that day our familiar, safe world of academic everyday life completely changed. Online classes, tests and exams, remote work of councils and committees, seminars, debates and conferences from a distance – our whole world is restricted and limited to the windows of our favorite application which dominated our professional life, the existence of which we had no idea about until recently. Many members of our community had to fight the virus and also care for their loved ones. In the coming months, we will face new challenges. We must plan a process of gradual restoration of normal teaching activities as soon as the epidemiological situation allows it. Ahead of us is a very important evaluation of scientific disciplines, continuation of the reform of doctoral students’ education and further projects related to the functioning of the research university program. Organizational changes are also expected in the near future: new rules for the implementation of public procurement and the introduction of electronic document circulation. We hope that next year, important scientific events planned for 2020 will take place at the Faculty: the Congress of European Studies and the 10th Jubilee PTSM (The Polish International Studies Association) Convention, and maybe one more large international event that we are hoping to organise. We will inform you about all this in our newsletter. I hope you will enjoy this form of communication and that you will join in its preparation. For now, please make your observations and comments after reading the first issue. Taking this opportunity, I would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas with your family and good luck and success in the New Year.

Prof. Robert Alberski, PhD


You can find the newsletter in the attachment.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

22 Dec 2020

last modification: 6 Jan 2021