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Student ExchangesStudent Exchanges

Do you want to go for a student exchange? We offer: ISEP (studies in the USA), Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ (studies in Europe), other exchange programmes: DAAD, GFPS, CEEPUS, government or Visegrad programmes etc., bilateral agreements with partner universities in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America.

To learn more about international exchanges, please contact: International Office, pl. Uniwersytecki 1 (main building, rooms 109, 36) 50-137 Wroclaw, phone: +48 71 375 27 03, e-mail:

To learn more about domestic exchanges, please contact: Educational Department, pl. Uniwersytecki 1 (main building, room 238) 50-137 Wroclaw, phone +48 71 343 01 43, +48 71 375 22 37, +48 71 375 22 55, e-mail:

More at International Office.

Halls of ResidenceHalls of Residence

Ołówek, Kredka, Dwudziestolatka, Parawanowiec, Słowianka are our five halls of residence located near Grunwaldzki Square. Recruitment for freshmen takes place in July, right after the recruitment procedure for studies. Register form.

More information in the Department of Student Affairs: pl. Uniwersytecki 1 (main building, room  127)  50-137 Wroclaw, phone +48 71 375 27 17, email:

Language ClassesLanguage Classes

During your studies you have to attend language classes. Our Foreign Language Centre offers courses of: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Before the commencement of the academic year you must take a placement test in your chosen language, at least at B1 level. Sign up SPNJO.

During your studies you will be obliged to reach B2 II level.

More information in the Foreign Language Centre: ul. Nankiera 2/3, phone +48 71 375 27 45, +48 71 375 26 98

Physical Education ClassesPhysical Education Classes

As a student you will have to attend PE classes for two semesters (60 hours). Sign up before the semester beigns. Register form.

More information about signing up and the organisation of the classes in the University Sports Centre: ul. Przesmyckiego 10, room B, phone +48 71 375 62 62

Professional InternshipsProfessional Internships

You can launch your professional career even during your studies. The Careers Office of the University of Wroclaw publishes at their website job, internship and traineeship offers, organises meetings with potential employers, a mentoring programme and the programme „4 Steps to Career”.

The staff also helps to map out an individual career path and the Individual Action Plan. They advise what second-cycle programme to select and how to determine one’s chances on the labour market.

The Careers Office of the University of Wroclaw: Kuznicza Street 49 A, phone + 48 71 375 21 31, + 48 71 375 21 3, e-mail:

Career’s Office.

Scholarships and GrantsScholarships and Grants

We offer our students various forms of material aid: grants for low-income students, grants for persons with disabilities, need-based grants, rector’s scholarship for best students.

Department of Student Affairs: pl. Uniwersytecki 1 (main building, room 127) 50-137 Wroclaw, phone +48 71 375 27 17, e-mail:

Students with DisabilitiesStudents with Disabilities

If you are a student with disability, you can count on various forms of assistance, from renting specialised equipment to individual exam schedule and special forms of class participation. The affairs of students with disabilities are managed by the Support Unit for Students and PhD Students with Disabilities: ul. Kuznicza 49/55, e-mail: phone +48 71 375 26 64

Student Research Groups and OrganisationsStudent Research Groups and Organisations

Studying is not all about participating in classes, but also in research groups and student organisations.

The list of student research groups.

Students organisations are primarily: Student Government: and Independent Students’ Association.

The Department of Student Affairs deals with student research groups and organisations: pl. Uniwersytecki 1 (main building, room 113) 50-137 Wroclaw, phone +48 71 375 20 94, e-mail:

Each year we organise the Research Groups and Student Organisations Fair, where you can talk with individual students.

Academic CalendarAcademic Calendar

You don’t know when the exam period starts, what days are class-free (the so-called rector’s days), when is the inauguration? You can check the dates in the academic calendar.