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Children at school

In the event of an incident of a local or national nature, or when evacuating or sheltering in one’s own home, parents should listen to local media reports and check the Internet as often as possible for information on school closures and openings.

Parents should follow local media reports and information from schools about decisions made by school authorities.

Information about changes in school operations will be disseminated by most radio and television stations and websites. Until evacuations are announced at individual schools, students will usually remain on school grounds. Because school may be the best place for children during a local crisis, parents are not advised to come to school and pick up their children.

However, if a parent were to come to the school, they must be prepared to show identification (usually with a photograph) as required by the school authorities. Remember, if the school is prepared to shelter in place to keep children safe, no one will be allowed to enter or leave the school until the danger has passed.